Russ Hann - Russ's artist design borders more on the contemporary model design with influences found from nature as well as industrial.  Using his knowledge of woodworking from teachings of mentors like E.M. "Ike" Parker and others, Russ is always willing to go beyond the scope most dare not to step over.  Check out the Wine Stoppers he has hand laminated to create mind blowing designs. 
Luke Hann - Luke has gained his passion of woodworking from his father Russ and Grandfather Ike Parker.  Born and raised in the Truman lake area of Missouri, Luke was able to learn the art of waterfowl calling at an early age.  Some have said his calling to be like himself, loud yet charming and able to surprise most around him.  Luke's ability to design and tune Duck and Goose calls to customer likings has allowed for many customers to request custom made calls for friends and colleagues.  Use influences from his mechanical background and incorporating everything from Music to other forms of artist ability, Luke is an avid waterfowl hunter and is also a outdoor Pro-Staffer for Filson branded clothing line.
Kurt Jones - Based in Clinton, Missouri; The un-offical third Hann brother, Kurt has been part of our family for over 20yrs.  He began duck hunting about 15 years ago. Kurt has never been one to shy away from a challenging duck hunt.  Whether hunting in the flooded timber of Arkansas, or the corn fields of Western Missouri; Kurt can always seem to get the birds.  With his son Karter, Kurt enjoys his time with is family as well as in the duck blind.  That Kurt Jones is one bad ass mutha....(shut your mouth)...We're just talking bout Kurt Jones!
Twitter - @Mr_theKurt
Jordan Daugherty – Born and raised in Clinton as an avid hunter and fisherman. The outdoors has always been his second home.  Jordan has taken full advantage of the abundant conservation hunting grounds that surround the Truman Lake Area for more than 10 years. Whether hunting the big water of Truman or the flood bottoms of South Grand River and Deepwater creek, Jordan knows the importance of scouting for a successful waterfowl season on the over 100,000 Acres of  public hunting grounds. Season to season, duck, goose, deer or turkey; Jordan is always preparing and educating himself for his next outing in the field.    Twitter - @J_S_Daugherty
Daniel Longnecker - Dan has been hunting for 14 years. Born and raised in Pennsylvania loves to deer hunt, archery in particular, as well as turkey hunt. He enjoys fishing the great lakes and its tributaries from fly fishing for steelhead, catching king salmon on Lake Ontario, to filling the coolers with walleye on Lake Erie. But his real passion is waterfowling. Dan is an avid member of Ducks Unlimited and can be found with a motor on Lake Erie, chasing divers in rocking and rolling layout boats, and disappearing in cut corn fields trying to land honkers on the X. Nothing gets him more fired up then some fowl with their feet down!
Twitter - @DLongnecker12
Joe Harris -  A self-taught outdoors man, but was mentored by a family friend at the age of 11. After that Joe was hooked on the outdoors. It was not until 2007 that the waterfowl addiction started. Introduced into waterfowling by his brother-in-law, there is hardly a weekend or day off that Joe misses a hunt. For him, the ideal hunt is chasing honkers across West Central Missouri. There is nothing better than landing big geese in the kill hole. Don't get him wrong, you will also find him chasing the greendheads as well. One of his favorite scenarios is late season shooting ducks and geese in the dry corn fields. In the off-season you can find him chasing big Blue Cats on Truman Lake, and looking for that lonesome gobbler in the spring. Joe is happily married to the love of his life Andrea and is the proud father of a two beautiful little girls named Holly & Heidi
Twitter - @joe_harrisjoe8

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