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Red, Clear & Blue Production Acrylic Duck Call

Red, Clear & Blue Production Acrylic Duck Call


New to Hann Made Calls, A desire for a CNC machined call that was consitant and able to be carried in stores.  This new call has been custom design from artist Luke Hann.  Made with blue acrylic and paired with a clear Hann Made Calls poly insert and tuned in Double-reed (Single Reed available upon request). Finished with the new Flying Duck Red metal powder coated aluminum band with Hann Made Calls engraving and serial number to offer authenticity. Hann Made Calls tunes each call separately ensure it matches the needs of the call design. God Bless America!

  • Details

    Duck call - CNC Turned, design from artist Luke Hann
    Material - Blue Acrylic
    Ring - Red Flying Duck Metal Powder Coated Aluminum
    Insert - Clear Hann Made Poly Duck Double Reed (single reed is available upon request)

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